Biden will host Merkel at the White House

Chancellor Merkel will be received by US President Biden in Washington on July 15. Merkel will be the first European prime minister to visit the White House since Biden took office.

The visit will strengthen close bilateral ties between Germany and the United States, the White House announced. At the meeting, attention will be focused, among other things, on the challenges of the Corona pandemic. Other topics are climate change and support for economic progress and international security based on shared democratic values, she said.

Merkel will be the first European prime minister to visit the White House since Biden took office. 

“We can confirm that the Chancellor will pay a working visit to Washington on July 15, at the invitation of US President Biden. Details of the program will be announced at a later date,” said a German government spokesman.

This will not be their first face-to-face meeting and not even the first since Biden was elected president. Merkel and Biden will meet today at the G7 summit in Cornwall, South England.

The three-day consultations of the heads of state and government of the seven industrialized countries begin in the afternoon. This will also address, among other things, the Corona crisis, climate and species protection. The G7 includes Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Canada and the United States. The European Union is also represented at all meetings.

A new beginning in the relationship is intended

According to the German newspaper “Handelsblatt”, the topic of the Merkel-Biden talks is expected to be Berlin’s proposals to mitigate the conflict over the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Recently, the US President approached Germany in the dispute over the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in the Sea Baltic. Biden waived extensive sanctions against the German-Russian project. The reason given was that such sanctions “have a negative impact on US relations with Germany, the EU and its allies and other European partners.”

Both sides are striving for a fresh start after the low point in German-American relations under US President Donald Trump. Trump repeatedly attacked Germany and Merkel. While Biden leaves no doubt how important the relationship with Germany is for him./DW


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